Warranty Information

If you suspect a faulty battery, we recommend that you first ensure the battery is fully charged. Flat batteries are not covered by warranty! A flat battery may fail diagnostic testing, but it does not necessarily mean that they battery is faulty.

Warranty applies if a fault occurs that is due to manufacturing or assembly defects. Warranty is void in circumstances of misuse and misapplication.

Warranty exclusions include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Flat batteries.
  • Low or no electrolyte levels for batteries which require maintenance.
  • Batteries that have not been installed properly (e.g. in vehicles with no hold down clamps).
  • Batteries that have been refilled with any substance besides distilled water.
  • Batteries not maintained at a sufficient state of charge during periods of both in-vehicle and out of vehicle storage.
  • Batteries that have been subjected to excessive out of vehicle charging, or to an uncontrolled vehicle charging system (e.g. a faulty alternator).
  • Batteries that have been physically damaged including cracked, punctured or deformed battery cases or broken or severely damaged battery terminals.
  • Batteries with damaged terminals due to loose, inadequate or high resistance connections.
  • Batteries that have been installed with reverse polarity.
  • Improper battery box or insufficient protection from the elements.
  • Batteries that have been operated in an application that it was not designed and/or marketed to support (e.g. stand-by batteries used in cycling applications).

In any event, if you are experiencing a problem and you are unsure of what to do, please contact us. Our staff will be more than happy to guide you.