Synergy A12-7

Synergy A12-7

Model number: Synergy A127

12 Volt 7Ah AGM Battery.

Can be used in UPS, Electric Power Supply, Emergency Backup Power Supply, Emergency Lighting, Alarm and Security System, Electronic Apparatus Equipment, Communication Power Supply and Auto Control Systems.

Volts: 12
Ah: 7
Max discharge current: 70A (5 sec)
Length: 151mm
Width: 65mm
Overall height: 99mm
Terminal type: Spade F1
Weight: 2kg
Warranty: 12mths

A12-7 data sheet

Chargers to use with this battery:
DCPower DC120833 (used on Motorcycle setting)
C-Tek XS0.8
C-Tek MXS5.0 (used on Motorcycle setting)

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