Negative Bus Bar SZ2011

Negative Bus Bar

Model number: SZ2011

Modular design. Use with SZ2013

This modular design negative bus bar and blade fuse holder series is ideal for marine and auto applications. These two models can be combined to make four popular fuse blocks depending on requirements. Each fuse block enables 6 fused circuits; mount two units neatly together to enable 12 fused circuits, in addition you can mount the 12P negative bus bar to either option just mentioned or use it alone as required. These fuse blocks come with blown fuse indication LEDs and transparent cover with recessed areas for label stickers. 

• Accepts automotive blade fuses (ATP/ATC/ATO)
• Modular design saves shelf space
• Transparent cover with recessed areas
• 60 pieces assorted label stickers set included
• Storage for 2 spare fuses (for each 6P blocks)
• LED indication for blown fuses

SZ- 2011 Specifications:

• Voltage rating: 32VDC max
• Amp rating per branch: 30A (screw terminals)
• Maximum cumulative Amp: 100A per block
• Terminal stud size: M5 (3/16")
• Screw size: M4 (5/32") x 12pcs
• Dimensions: 86(W) x 57(L) 41(H)mm



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