MP5207 UPS

MP5207 UPS

Model number: MP5207 UPS

1500VA/900W Line interactive un-interuptable power supply with USB

• Usage: Home & Office PC, SOHO
• Type: Line interactive
• Status Display: LCD
• Backup time:
- Small PC (65W - 70W): 94mins
- Medium PC & LCD monitor (130W - 140W): 49mins
- Large PC & LCD monitor (190W - 210W): 31mins
• Recharge time: 90% Capacity after 8 Hours
• Internal SLA battery: 2 x 12V/9Ah
• Supply Voltage: 230VAC±20%
• Output Voltage: 230VAC±10% 
• Mains connections: 2 (input and output)
• Communication: USB
• Frequency: 50Hz
• Dimensions: 325(L) x 125(W) x 220(H)mm
• Note: Must be powered from the mains or a pure sinewave source

Warranty 12 months (does not include battery life)


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