Motive Power & Forklift Battery Service

Motive power batteries are a big investment and it pays to make sure they're looked after properly to get the best return. A forklift battery poorly maintained can suffer a much shorter lifespan, costing you thousands extra in replacement batteries.

DCPower offers a full motive power battery service that provides total care and qualified advice that maximises the life and return on your valuable investment.

Professional servicing and repair of motive power batteries includes:

On-site advice of best practice usage and care, based on our years of industry experience.
Servicing and replacement of batteries, chargers, networks, watering systems and battery handling gear.
Prevention and treatment of corrosion related issues.
Repair of damaged cells, cables and any related gear. Replacement of failed cells.
Full and comprehensive battery testing, reporting and recommendations.
Tracking of battery maintenance & life for easier planned replacement.
Asset management - e keep a track of your battery and charger fleet.

Take advantage of our full service options, whether on-site or pickup and delivery to our Palmerston North workshop, to make sure you get the best efficiency from your motive power batteries. When you're buying five years worth of "gas" in advance, it pays to do it right.

Contact us today to enquire about our Motive Power service options.