C-Tek XS0.8 Battery Charger

C-Tek XS0.8

Model number: C-Tek XS0.8 Battery Charg

12V charger for batteries to 32ah. Connect and forget - perfect...

Give your small battery the ultimate care with this top-of-line battery charger by CTEK. When used as a maintenance charger, it can be left connected indefinitely as after charge is complete it will terminate and start up again - only after battery voltage drops below 12.9V. Perfect...

Volts: 12
Charge current: 0.8A
Charging Voltage: 14.4V
Battery types: lead acid (inc Wet, GEL, AGM)
Battery sizes: 1.2 to 32ah (Charging)
Battery sizes: 1.2 to 100ah (Maintenance charging)
Charge stages: 6-stage fully automatic charging cycle
Recondition mode: No
Maintenance mode: Yes
Comfort connector: Yes. Clamp & M6 eyelet
Input Voltage: 220-240 VAC, 50-60Hz
Ambient operating temperature: -20oC to +50oC
Reverse polarity protection
Warranty: 5 years

What's in the box?
Clamp connectors
Eyelet connectors M6
Charger carry bag
Instruction manual



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