C-Tek Comfort Indicator Panel

C-Tek Comfort Indicator Panel M8

Model number: C-Tek Comfort Indicator P

This is a quick connector and indicator especially developed for panel mounting

The indicator clearly and simply shows the battery charge level. The charger is connected to the socket on the panel, which makes charging convenient, practical and straightforward.

Cable length: 1.5m
Eyelet terminal: M8 (8.4mm)
Panel size: WxHxDmm 21 x 32 x 35
Fuse: 15A

GREEN: battery voltage is over 12.65 = battery is fully charged and does not require charging YELLOW: battery voltage is between 12.65 and 12.4V = battery is well charged. Recharge if you have time and opportunity RED: battery voltage is below 12.4V = time for charging to prevent battery damage


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