Blue Sea Circuit Breaker Block

Blue Sea Circuit Breaker Block

Model number: Blue Sea 5050

Add 6 independent protected circuits 3A to 40A

The advantage of a resettable circuit breaker over a fuse is well known however people find circuit breakers more expensive and difficult to install. The new ST CLB Circuit Breaker Block solves this issue by using the compact, snap-in-place CLB resettable circuit breaker which makes breakers as easy to install as a fuse.

Quick connect clips allow circuit breakers to snap easily into place
Tin-plated copper busses and screw terminals
Clear insulating cover with square format label recesses, satisfies ABYC/USCG insulation requirements
Easy to open clip on cover
Breakouts allow wire access in two directions
Accepts ring terminals
Optional push button waterproof boots or dress nuts can be installed over cover



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