Ampere Meter Digital

Ampere Meter Digital

Model number: QP5588

Digital meter

Simple 4 wire connection with included current shunt for ampere display. Auto zero calibration and easy to read red LED display. Give your next project a truly professional look. Cutout size 42 x 23mm.

• Easy installation
• Automatic polarity sensing
• Auto zero calibration
• Self-powered

• Power requirements: 8 - 30VDC
• Measurement range: 0-50A
• Maximum display count: 1999
• Sample frequency: 400mS
• Current shunt included

Note! When connecting the ammeter QP-5588 it is essential that the wiring instructions provided with the product are followed, or the meter may be destroyed. Current shunt is connected on the common NEGATIVE supply line (not positive) - refer to instructions included with the unit.



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